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Thursday, September 20, 2012

"Day After" Wedding Shoot at Makena Cove, Maui

This is the first time I've done a "Day After" shoot on the actual day after the wedding! These shoots are just so much fun--everyone is so much more relaxed and the camera gets to see a little deeper into the relationship between the bride and groom. Brenton and Ashley and I decided to use the very same beach (Makena Cove) as that of their wedding the day before because it was just so beautiful, and held special meaning for them. We all had fun and we all got very wet! (PS: the dress survived this experience--it was rinsed in fresh cold water immediately afterward and taken to a local dry cleaner the same day).
What Fun! 

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Brenton and Ashley's Destination Wedding in Maui

In August I was delighted to photograph the wedding of Brenton and Ashley in Maui, Hawaii. Beside the stunning scenery to set the backdrop for the most heavenly wedding I have ever witnessed, this was such a sweet and special couple. They found this beach, Makena Cove,  quite by accident while on vacation several years ago and decided then and there that this would be the setting for their "someday" nuptials. True to their word to one another, they returned this past August to  say their vows. I loved the sweet simplicity of this wedding. It had all the essential elements and a wonderful organizer (look for Bernie's information below) and allowed plenty of room for all the beauty Maui offered on this special day. 

All the Resources:

Wedding Ceremony Site - Makena Cove (Public Beach)
Wedding Reception Site - Gannon's Wailea
Officiant - Robert Alamodin
Flowers by Janna Hoehn/Maui Floral Elegance
Music by Kawika Regidor
Stylist - Theresa Tuipelehake/Maui Bridal Beauty
Guest Shuttle Transportation by Hawaii Limo
Coordinator - Bernadette Freitas/A White Orchid Wedding, Inc.

"Trash the Dress" photos to follow, so come back to see those--That dress went in the ocean!